Creating a free website for a homeless person and giving him a QR code. Giving digital download as perk for donation. What would move you to donate?

The website will have 1) His history/ current situation/ goal. 2) A set monetary goal and its uses - and an online counter. 3)Donation page and download of free content (art by him or coupons from near by establishments. What would move you to support and donate? An awesome website? A great video? Really fun perks?


Fun perks? Hell no!

Most people don't give because there's no assurance that money will be used properly. It may simply be feeding a habit or going down a bottomless pit.

If a homeless person were raising money not for himself directly but for a reputable charity, then that might motivate contributions. So if the QR code led to a local charity website – one that gives him a place to stay, rehab resources (if needed), counseling, job placement, etc., then someone like me would be much more likely to give.

Where I'm located at the moment, 2 or 3 homeless people per day approach me asking for money. Without assurance that the money would be used to help that person, I don't give. If he held out a QR code that took me to the local charity that's helping him out, that would be entirely different.

He'd become a nonprofit fundraiser rather than a beggar.

And that's a crucial difference – not only for getting results (i.e. money) but also for his self-respect.

Holding out an empty hand = begging.
Holding out a QR code as a fundraiser = employment.

Answered 9 years ago

Any donation using a Web site and QR code will eventually create a tax liability for your homeless friend along with the obligation to share a percentage of any incoming donations with Paypal or similar companies, but the real challenge will be to convince a bank to open an account to withdraw funds. I also feel that a homeless using QR code and a Website to promote itself could be ill-perceived as a marketing strategy rather than as a mean to survive, although your intentions to help this person are very noble and sincere.

Answered 9 years ago

What is your goal with this?

To change his situation? To raise funds? To get a cut of the donations? To increase awareness to homelessness?

Admittedly, I don't know all the details about your venture, but I see a lot of holes that need to be closed before I can answer what would inspire me to give him funds.

I'd be really curious to talk about this more to understand.

Answered 9 years ago

This business already exists. HandUp is leading this space, and working with local governments to grow in a way that is meaningful for the cities they spread to.

I am not involved with HandUp, just a fan.

However, to answer your question - the story (video or written) is what is going to move people to donate. A personal video (preferred) or narrative that tells how they got to this point and where they are going is what is going to drive donations.

And As someone with non-profit fundraising experience with a number of organizations with diverse missions, I would say that goes for just about anything you are trying to raise money for. People buy into a good story.

Happy to talk to you more about it. Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

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