I am about to launch a food subscription service for healthy snacks - how do i get 100 Subscribers within a month?

I need practical actionable steps and i have zeo marketing budget


Super easy!
You already know the answer to this. A simple growth hack that should get you more than 100users is by either creating or joining a meetup or group with these interests. Give them some swag (tees/stickers)
If possible add gamification to your efforts and watch your user base grow ;)

If you want to chat a bit more give me or any one of us here a call thr can help you with growth tactics!

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Thank you for trusting Clarity and best of luck!

Answered 9 years ago

I'd like to know more about your product to be able to answer this question most accurately, but here are some quick tips to guide you:

Launch an affiliate program. You don't need marketing budget to scale an affiliate program, you would pay affiliates a % of sale or flat rate commission when they refer customers.

After launching an affiliate program, you can negotiate deals with bloggers, online publishers to promote your offer. If you can get them to send out a dedicated e-blast promoting your product, this would be really effective.

Some questions:
What is your product?
Do you offer a free trial? Or some kind of discount for first time subscribers?

Answered 9 years ago

1) Take advantage of free advertising through social media
Since you are working with food, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram would be best to work with. You should share health tips and have amazing food photography.

Please note: if you are using a certain social media platform you have to stay active. Nothing is worse than a dormant social media account.

2) Setup a mailing list
Since you mentioned you have zero marketing budget you can setup an account with The key here is 2 things.
- Stay in touch with your audience on a regular basis
- Every email cannot be common; it must provide value of some sort.
- Create a landing page on your website that speaks about the benefits of joining the mailing list. Make it seem like people are missing out on premium FREE information that will change their life, and did I say the mailing list is FREE.
- Your website should have some sort of lead magnet, meaning an incentive you give away for someone joining the free mailing list. Perhaps you give them a free trial in exchange for their email address.

Please note: the free mailing list is only a taste of what people would get of the paid subscription service.

3) Similar to the mailing list you should most definitely have a blog that is open and free to the public where you share health and food tips, stories of people changed by healthy snacks and more. Having a blog where you publish content on the regular will help with SEO.

4) Use a service like or At the least you can use their trail services to find out where foodies, and healthy eaters hang out online. If you can become a part of the conversion you’ll be able to tell them about your service after you build trust with them.

Answered 9 years ago

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