I'm a millenial, and I work with Digital Marketing, I'm sick of social media, email marketing, advertising and content. I'm seeing that the attention span on the internet is dropping every year and I remember back in the old days when most of websites were pure text and that was ok, not anymore. Are we heading towards a future which 3D immersive experiences will be model for marketing? I'm talking about 2020

When considering the future of marketing, with an eye to the year 2020, I think you are close to the right idea. Marketing as a business initiative will most likely cease to exist, and product placement and promotion will happen seamlessly in an immersive, highly personalized experience that bridges the real and the digital.

As a serial techie, a massive sci-fi geek and entrepreneur, I can see clearly that the future of any initiative to drive awareness - be it marketing, promotion, direct sales or driving brand recognition - Will be entirely driven by 3 factors:

1) Mass-market adoption of the technology required to access the new experiences - e.g. the internet in the "old days" and mobile in recent years

2) The social acceptance of that technology. Mobiles are ok, but currently Google Glass (potentially more immersive) is not socially accepted

3) The ease at which people can create and publish content within the new medium - If creating immersive 3D experiences requires expensive equipment or skills, it will always struggle to get mass adoption and social acceptance.

Well done on being so much of a forward-thinker - I'd love to offer my opinion in more detail via a call, but it is very much a speculative topic at this stage.

Answered 5 years ago

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