Featured products on different platforms. A new startup coming out every 5 seconds. An endless feed on Twitter. Hundreds of newsletters on the email. Interesting articles on Medium and Pocket waiting to be read. What's going on? How to deal with all of this? Whenever I start reading or following entrepreneurs I get this fear of missing out. What should I do?

Keep your head down and work on your own project. Stop being a spectator to what other people are up to.

Ignore all the noise.

Start unsubscribing from mailing lists.

Delete your memberships at social media platforms, or at least stop logging in.

Stop paying attention to Twitter feeds. Treat them like TV channels. Watching TV and following tweets is not entrepreneurship!

Want to read? Read a book.

Divide your email into critical and non-critical inboxes. Make yourself a rule not to check the optional inbox except on Friday evenings between 4 and 9 p.m. With any luck, you'll be enjoying life too much to bother. Friday nights are a good laboratory for testing those priorities. Force your inbox and twitter feeds to compete for attention with your significant other, and see who wins! Soon you'll recognize how unimportant that stuff is.

Information overload is an excuse addicts make for their addiction. It's akin to compulsive rubbish hoarding or an all-day TV binge.

Endlessly following the latest startups is no different from endlessly following celebrity gossip. Just because the people you read about are accomplishing things does not mean you are.

If you have any ambition, then you can create something while ignoring what other people are doing and saying. A novelist or an inventor will keep busy on their own work to an almost hermit-like extent.

If 100 people started throwing 100 objects toward you simultaneously in a hopelessly mismatched game of dodge ball, why would you be under any obligation to catch them all?

Stop paying attention. Stop following. Lead! Do something!

Answered 6 years ago

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