Should I invest 100,000 + in new business to make it look good and be professionally acceptable, or should I invest the minimum just to test the market but then I may get hit by bad reviews for my service. The Service I intend to offer is laser hair removal

Based on my past experience as a market strategist, I believe even for the best of services, understanding your market is important, no matter how much fund you have. From your question, it seems you are that sure of your service quality and if that's the case, things might not go the way are expecting. So, as a statistician, I suggest you to test the market (small sample) and for that you need a specialist market research firm. You can try Market Quotient ( who would not only suggest the current market demand and future expectations but also offer you go-to-market strategy in terms of business and marketing plan.
With a proper understanding. I am sure you can go a long way and achieve what you want to. Good luck.
Happy to help always.

Answered 6 years ago

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