Should I take on a single social platform - facebook, insta, twitter - should I focus on SEO for google or google PPC - should I post across the blogosphere. I know pretty much nothing, but would love to start writing, sharing, and building an online business for myself. From my research so far, it seems a lot of success has come from simply building a major following on twitter or instagram and then leveraging that for monetizing opportunities.

I do my fair share of blogging and find Twitter + LinkedIn to be the best platforms from which to share my articles. I have heard that Medium is an evolving platform, though have not used it much. I have paid for 'boosting' promotion of my blogs but would not recommend. I don't think it's worth the investment. I honestly believe in building your network via those you already know, and starting to target those that will be instrumental for the service you want to provide - growing that base by Twitter + LinkedIn. There are also platforms you can send your blogs to that will publish on their sites for added exposure (so in sustainability I use TriplePundit and 2degrees but there are so many these days). I don't find Facebook that helpful, particularly now with how they promote mostly paid sites versus regular pages. I would create your own website to host the blogs so people have to go to your site to read them. This will help with your branding and exposure. Hope this helps and happy to share more by phone.

Answered 5 years ago

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