How can a failed 25 year old EdTech entrepreneur find a job?

I have founded Unius Learning in April 2014, raised $200k, secured $70k sales, won a number of grants and start-up competitions internationally, brought another investor and then everything fell apart over the last 8 weeks. I'm now trying to re-start my start-up or find a job in the Real Estate sector, where I've done a number of projects in the past, but with no success. What do I do? Links: B2C: B2B:


You might be able to share this and teach courses on Udemy! This is what I do and it works really well! A year ago I was at the brink of losing my startup and now I have transitioned to teaching 18 courses on Udemy full time. You are welcome to chat with me for a few minutes to see where your biggest opportunities might be on Udemy.

Answered 9 years ago

Before I dive deeper, I would like to know what makes you think that everything has fallen apart since last 8 months? If it's about being left out with minority stake in business post 2 rounds of funding then things could be discussed.

If it's about some planning and execution problem then the same could be discussed as well. Feel free to DM the details so that I could provide some relevant advice.

Answered 9 years ago

Victor, that's an impressive accomplishment no matter how you look at it. Don't allow yourself to spend much time being upset with yourself for things you could've done better, or for mistakes you made. All of your experiences with Unius will serve to make you THAT much more qualified to get a great job once you decide to make your career move.

Sell yourself and your failure experience. I've learned more from my failures as an entrepreneur than I have from my successes. I've learned which mistakes I'll never make again and that's a powerful lesson. The face that you've gone through the process of creating a business that obtained funding and brought in sales and accolades, sets you miles ahead of most people in our industry. It's time bounce back.

I've been EdTech for the past few years now (in similar businesses to Unius), and would love to give you some insights on how I just landed a major career move for myself.

Answered 9 years ago

Simple answer but don't ignore posting a profile on LinkedIn. We do all of our recruiting for clients there and it's where we find all of our own talent. Your experience is valuable. Use strong keywords throughout. You never know what companies are looking for.

Answered 9 years ago

If you are still looking to find a job and want to chat I'd be happy to offer up a "gifted" call to discuss. I have had some experience networking, moving within a company, and making an exit from the corporate world. I'm in Thailand now but I'm sure we could find a time. Just let me know.

Answered 9 years ago

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