What to look for when buying a property in Europe?

Hello, I am thinking about buying a property in Europe, to use it as a long term Investement and maybe a place that I can relocate to if I decided to immigrate after many years. What is the best places to buy an apartment property in now? In terms of price and quality and location, also do you recommend any agencies to deal with? I've looked in Spain and Sweden, also in France and Portugal and Luxembourg, I don't have much experience in the best location, I don't mind as long it's a city and safe, I am keeping it open because my budget is limited. Any help would be much appreciated


The answer to your question will depend on many factors that are not clear in your question: what is your nationality? do you hold an EU passport? What is your budget range? What is your risk profile like? Expected/desired ROI? What is your present age and retirement timeline? What is your preferred retirement weather (Helsinki and Dublin will, of course, be much different than Athens and Madrid)...

That said, there are too many "expert sources" predicting best bets but some good sources I've come across and based on my knowledge and travels through Europe are the following:

Good brief overview of hottest (Budapest, Hungary comes in as pick #1 for 2015)

More in depth analysis of European real estate market with Berlin coming in as pick #1 (see page 29, Chapter 3 "Markets to Watch"

Also citing Berlin as #1

Hope this helps a bit in making a decision.

Answered 5 years ago

Learn the market that you're currently in and grow in concentric circles. Also it is difficult to rely on 3rd party management. Contact me for a comprehensive strategy.

Answered 3 years ago

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