Looking for strategies for OTA management, Email Marketing, Local / Meta Search, Re-Targetting, and any other areas that I need to include to bring more Bookings to this Hotel.

Good question. We always suggest firstly defining the outcomes you're seeking for the hotel asset ie. Are you currently focused on ADR or OCC growth? Are you a new hotel seeking to build awareness? Start with your goals.

Here's one of our hotel tutorials on this exact topic:

Once you've defined your goals, there's a range of free and paid channels we recommend independent hotels utilise to increase direct bookings. From OTA trademark protection, clever retargeting to minimise PPC loss, in-hotel guest data capture and automated utilisation, online loyalty tactics and much more. Normally, the result needs to be a 12-month marketing plan with channels, budgets, activity timing and who's responsible, formatted into a easy to use hotel internet marketing plan.

Answered 6 years ago

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