What is the best way to approach beta testing a mobile fitness app when it is launched in the app store?

Fitcom is a mobile fitness app designed for trainers and fitness enthusiasts. Members can follow their favorite trainers, fitness advocates, and friends - and participate in fitness challenges together. Members can track their personal results from these challenges and see how their performances stack up against the rest of their team.


The best option will be patient who are recently discharged from hospital.Contact any hospital for list of recently discharge patient and help them to use and provide feed back .

Answered 9 years ago

Wow, I can see what you envision for your app and I must say its a great concept, different from most fitness apps.

I don't think any hospitals will be providing any patients information (privacy) also its the wrong target market

- you want to target the Fitness Trainers - Similar to a social network for fitness trainers - that their clients can follow and say up to date with.

Firstly Post invites to beta testers to

Google+ and Facebook Fitness Communities

Tailor it to the fitness trainers as a way to show their photos, build clients, and book and organize their appointments.

Think about it like ths - Every personal trainer you get on the app - the more they will have their clients download and use the application. This will be the key to success. If you want to use a clever trick to build up users - provide PRO features in the app that the trainer can only unlock when they have 20+ Users sign up to their account. This will heavily encourage them to get your app more users

Answered 9 years ago

Are you looking at iOS or Android? They have very different technical profiles when looking at beta scenarios...!

Answered 9 years ago

When it comes to beta testing your mobile fitness app, the best approach involves engaging with your target audience to gather valuable feedback and identify any potential issues before the official launch. Consider reaching out to fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and potential users who align with your app's target demographic. Encourage them to participate in beta testing by offering incentives or exclusive access to features.

Additionally, leverage social media platforms, fitness communities, and online forums to promote your beta testing program and attract participants. Provide clear instructions on how to join the beta testing group and offer channels for users to provide feedback, such as surveys, in-app feedback forms, or dedicated forums.

As for beta testing strategies, focus on testing core functionalities, usability, performance, and overall user experience. Monitor app performance, gather feedback from beta testers, and iterate on improvements based on their suggestions. By actively involving your target audience in the beta testing process, you can ensure that Fitcom meets their needs and expectations upon its official launch.

For more insights on the development costs of fitness apps, I recommend checking out this article:

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