What specific topics are entrepreneurs wanting to learn about the most?

I am launching a large business conference for entrepreneurs and we already have an awesome lineup of famous entrepreneur keynote speakers who are covering very high level strategy topics like sales, marketing, branding, and and leadership. However, we need more specific things entrepreneurs are really looking to learn. What do you think are the top three things entrepreneurs are specifically most interested to learn about? Even as an expert, what are topics that you want to learn about? Thanks!!!


Social Marketing - I know it goes without saying that social marketing will be talked about. But I think its important to stress what exactly they should be doing with it. So many people think social marketing means having a facebook page, a twitter page or pinterest and have no idea how to actually use these services to grow their brand and build a community around their product.

Answered 9 years ago

1. How to do integrated planning, per existing resource & capability, with monetization (Sales) as the hub?

2. Bootstrapping- How long is too long and what are the semaphores signalling slow death and bootstrapping?

3. How to execute any plan/strategy and measure the result?

4. How to identify the core strength of each and every team members? Avoiding self-proclamation syndrome.

5. How to work smart and stay focused than doing anything and everything?

Answered 9 years ago

I've built two funded software companies, and served as Interim CEO to several others. The answer to your question depends partly on whether you mean "established business owners" or "aspiring entrepreneurs".

Here are a few practical topics people often miss:

• Intellectual Property (difference between copyright / trademark / patent, and when to file) can be interesting to the 'aspiring' set, but established folks will know that.

• How to pitch investors (has been covered heavily by many other folks, but if your audience is young they may still be interested)

• How to structure equity compensation for key employees and co-founder partnerships (can be important to everyone)

• When to engage a PR firm and what to expect

• How to buy and manage advertising on digital media


Of course feel free to contact me directly, and I'm happy to answer more in a follow-up call.

Answered 9 years ago

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