A friend was procrastinating making calls to various business to collect pricing information and details. To help him along, made a list of all prospects and proceeded to patch him through via a three way call (acted like an operator). I took notes and helped provide feedback at the end of the call. WOULD LOVE TO HELP MORE PEOPLE IN A SIMILAR WAY. Do my services sound like a help for market research, or rather a new take on an accountability partner. Would love any feedback as to how to make this a functioning business model. Thank you for your time

In business, especially sales the idea of cold calling usually makes most of us sweat profusely, get clammy palms and occasionally hyperventilate. You've demonstrated a proven way to help someone through this anxiety with giving immediate feedback as the individual (your client) makes the call. This could be considered a type of mentorship, business coaching or as you noted, accountability partner. My question for you is, what did you do to help this individual? Can you identify a specific method, something new that others need to know now? There is your business model and your method and your product.

Giving someone the capability to have confidence to make a cold call, take a meeting, do the things they need to do promote their business is definitely a skill. How you convey the message, how you structure your business and what other wonderful strengths and gifts you possess are something you should definitely explore more. Do some research on the market, is there a need for this type of service, what space do you want to work in, what kind of package could you offer? Practice coaching calls, webinars, group coaching, role playing these types of scenarios to help with the calling process? I encourage you to consider having a conversation with a friend, a coach, a business mentor and talk about your ideas. Feedback on what you're thinking can help you more clearly define what type of business you want and how you can continue to use your skills to serve others.

Answered 5 years ago

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