A friend was procrastinating making calls to various business to collect pricing information and details. To help him along, made a list of all prospects and proceeded to patch him through via a three way call (acted like an operator). I took notes and helped provide feedback at the end of the call. WOULD LOVE TO HELP MORE PEOPLE IN A SIMILAR WAY. Do my services sound like a help for market research, or rather a new take on an accountability partner. Would love any feedback as to how to make this a functioning business model. Thank you for your time

Short answer: of course you can! Anything can be a bayonets, the differentiation comes from the entrepreneur in securing that market. You have, in a microlevel, proved that there is a need and is just a matter of how big that market can be.
What I would do, if in your shoes is keep the idea simple. Target only one industry or type of phone call in which there is in fact a benefit of having a third party listening to a call to then offer suggestions. The phone calls that you guys made could be the type of call to focus on! But it has to be one where the feedback is the only service to the customer.
Don't get too hung up at first about monetizing, once you find the right type of call you can then focus on how to monetize. You can charge businesses within that industry or charge customers directly.
If you charge customers directly maybe have a prepayment processed similar to clarity for example.

If you need more feedback give me or another a call
Best of luck!

Answered 5 years ago

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