Is there a service or group that allows me to connect with business blog writers and pod-casters to set up affiliate marketing partnerships/deals?

I am about to launch a very large entrepreneurial business conferences in the US and I understand the power of social marketing (word of mouth and social media). I want to set up affiliate marketing deals with blog writers and pod-casters who focus on business success and entrepreneurship. Problem is, I am having a difficult time finding and approaching them with affiliate marketing deals. I am not making any traction. Since blogs and podcasts monetize from affiliate marketing deals, I figured there must be a group or service that will allow me to connect with them directly about offering them my affiliate marketing deal. **Full disclosure: my marketing plan is offering a generous affiliate deal to make it worthwhile for the affiliate and we have famously successful entrepreneurs speaking at the event so it will be easy for affilates to make money due to its validation. Once I approach the bloggers/podcasters correctly, it won't be difficult to reach an agreement. How do I reach out to them easier than what I am doing now?


There isn't a such a service per se. There are several methods we us to find bloggers but most are more manual. They are:

1) Via conferences like Affiliate Summit (largest affiliate conference in the US), Type-A Mom (one of the most active mom focused blog conferences), NMX (largest blog conference in the US), PubCon, AdTech, etc.
2) Via analytics tools like Salesforce Cloud (formerly Radian6) that allow queries/searches based on content created in social media
3) Identifying bloggers that are open to affiliate deals based on which ad networks, if any, they are already working with.
4) There are also still plenty of active forums: A4U, ABestWeb, and Affiliate Summit's own forum.

Answered 8 years ago

As far as I know, you'll just have to ask around.

I might be able to point you in the direction of a handful of people. Can't promise they'd be interested. Tell me more about your conference(s) and speakers.

Answered 8 years ago

Try BloggersClub

Mention my name to Danielle

Answered 8 years ago

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