well I'm a tech passionate,iv read a lot about business and management,have a little work experience,i have a good coding background and still improving.i even know a possible cofounder and we have a solid idea ready to work on,after a lot of research i realized most of the success of the tech startups is happening in U.S and bay area obviously and i figured out about plans like YC and angel investing with all these said I'm living in Europe,I'm not an american citizen and unfortunately I'm also from a country with not a very good political relationship with the situation is little too complicated to solve it on my you think generally i do have a shot? if yes how?

Absolutely. There is no residence requirement or immigration status required to legally start a company in the US. I have addressed this on my law firm's blog:

In terms of getting to the US once you have decided to open your business, that would depend on a variety of factors. I recommend contacting me directly to discuss your situation further. I would be happy to discuss what immigration options you may have as an entrepreneur.

Answered 8 years ago

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