Sales plan, if it's a new product how do I go about planning on setting up sales goals?

I have a new product which deals with loyalty with much attention for retention( value proposition). This is what I want to introduce into the digital world. I'm planning on preparing a sales plan to set my x number of sales goals within a year and so forth. However, how do I go about doing that? are there any steps or any general things to consider?. I understand my target market however generating leads or even looking for affiliate channels is a quite the task( I am open to do but the proper way). Any tips are helpful.


I have been away with a bad leg. And I don't agree with the answers so far (sorry). So to begin with, what resources do you have? Other people, time, money? These play a role in your choices and the reach you can achieve. If no one knows you exist, you won't get any customers, will you?

It all comes down to the daily behaviors you (and your staff and your other resources, if you have any) actually DO.

Suspects >> Prospects >> Customers

That's a generally accepted flow. Suspects are breathing human beings who MIGHT have a need for what you offer. Prospects have stuck up their hands and said, "Yes! I *am* in that situation which your solution can get me out of!" And customers have paid you for that solution.

An effective sales process is all about filtering. You filter suspects into prospects, and prospects into customers. So returning to daily behaviors, how many suspects a day can you encounter? And on average how many will filter into prospects? Of the prospects, how many can you filter into customers?

The more you can automate this process, the better. Especially the Suspect >> Prospect section. You do not want to be wasting your time on people who are unlikely to buy.

At first you won't know the exact ratios. How could you? Industry trends may be available to help your guess, but it will still be a guess. That's fine. Begin with a conservative ratio, and then improve as you get real feedback.

You have at least two approaches to reaching your X number for revenue. Either you can set the revenue target at the number you want to earn and work backwards to develop the behaviors and resources you require to reach it...or you can figure out the behaviors you can accomplish per day and work forwards to a possible total.

Example #1, Working Backwards:

You want to make $500,000 in the next 12 months.

Your revenue per sale is $1,000.

Simple division: you need 500 customers.

Let's say you're new and not very good at selling, so a reasonable ratio would be 15 prospects who have to be spoken to for one sale. That's 7,500 prospects you need to get into your funnel this year.

Building back from that, let's say conservatively you will require 20 suspects to learn about your existence to get one prospect to stick up their hand and say, "Yes, I might need that!" So now you know you need at least 15,000 suspects.


Now compare to your resources. How will you get in front of those 15,000 suspects? Who and where are they? How much does it cost to reach them? What process will you use to convert the 1 in 20 you expect to become a prospect? How long does this part of the process take?

And for the sales...out of the 15 prospects you must meet to get an order, do you have the time to personally do this? Or must you hire salespeople? Can you automate? How much does this cost? How long does it take to convert?

For simplicity's sake, assume it takes less than 30 days for the whole funnel to work and a suspect to go in and a customer to pop out. This means you must meet 625 prospects every month, or an average of more than 31 EVERY DAY!

This is useful information, isn't it? Because it tells you what you need for resources: it's unlikely you alone will be able to meet with 32 people in one day, every day, 20 days out of the month, isn't it. 5 or 6 is more likely for a moderate-ticket sale like this, right? Now you know you need a half-dozen more sales staff or you won't meet your target no matter how hard you work.

Example #2, Working Forwards:

You have 20 working days in the month. Each day you can meet with 6 prospects. That's 120 prospects a month to get your revenue from. At a 1 in 15 closing ratio, you can expect 8 sales in a month or $8,000 in revenue...

**and there you will be capped until you can apply more resources.**

This is critical to understand, as a single operator. There comes a point where you just can't do any better alone.

And continuing, you need 20 suspects to generate one prospect...that's 2,400 suspects you need to engage. Where are they? How will you reach them? Do you have the time--with blog entries, emails, what have you--to do this?

It should be obvious how you build in affiliates now. They have their own funnels with their own ratios, but you can forecast their conservative results on an individual basis.

Remember, your ratios will improve over time. You will learn the market's pain points, get used to the sales process, and be more comfortable closing.

Make sure your costs of customer acquisition--marketing, your time, sales staff and more--don't eat up your profit. Consider your pricing carefully. I teach people to begin with Price because it keeps them out of trouble, and focuses them on who they should be going after as their target market.

Answered 5 years ago

So you are talking about marketing. A sales plan is really nothing more than that. Anyone is good at pointing out "ways" you can sell something but the efficient Entreprenur will point out step by step how to do that in the sales plan.
If you have a prototype, begin showing to your potential future clients. Create a detailed description and persona of your typical customer... From the intent of use, frequency, typical hangout spots, number of friends or coworkers, nature of that friendship, nature of business approach, wealth, commute... Anything... Trust me- this helps a lot in curating your first list of leads to approach first. If you get that going those same leads could generate valuable referrals.

Now a days you don't have to spend your lifetime funding manufacturing on whim. Try leveraging social media and crowd sourcing for that as well and that will help you not only validate but also fund your first version and gain that first round of "customers"

not to pitch here, but give me a call if you want to discuss your opportunities here a bit more :)

Best of luck!

Answered 5 years ago

When setting goals, keep in mind the SMART acronym - your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

You should start out by evaluating your current position. Ask yourself:

- What’s our website’s current traffic from organic, referral, etc.?
- How many leads am I attracting per month?
- How many sales have we closed?

Then create milestones for your business by determining which metrics you'd like to achieve within a certain timeframe. What metrics are most important in selling your loyalty program? What's an attainable goal for those metrics over the next month? 3 months? 6 months? Year?

When you're starting from scratch, this is somewhat of a guessing game and you'll need to start generating results before you can get a strong sense of how attainable those goals actually are. But you should be fine-tuning your goals as you go, and it's okay to adjust them once you have some data to look at.

Answered 5 years ago

My first thought is forget the sales goals for a minute for two reasons they are just made up numbers so if you put them to low they will cause you to under achieve if you set they to high you might feel like a loser. You need to get out and sell and promote the heck out of your product. As you take off with your product you will have a better idea of goals if you want to do them then. Right now I see goals as an obstacle with no benefit except for the bank loan if you need one but they are otherwise a waste of time because it can steer you off the road. Put your full force of your energies to get your product in as many hands as you can. Do each day the number one thing to get your company off the ground and I would say that is sales, sales, sales. Be that one pointed.Call me if you would like to discuss it further....Ken

Answered 5 years ago

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