How have you promoted your services with Clarity?

I'm wondering if people are getting clients directly from Clarity or if they come through other sources and use Clarity as a vehicle. If directly from Clarity, what strategies have you used that worked for you?



I am getting "clients" here.


Most of my clients come from other places (mostly referrals) and I am working on testing this as a platform to use for extending my remote mentoring offerings.


Engaging. Answering questions (like this one).

"Giving away" great content here -- and other places (like for me has worked.


Asking for people to contact you here for a discussion... like this:

"If you'd like to have a conversation more about how to increase your marketing strategies on Clarity, please contact me."

No hard selling. A real call-to-action.

Focus. #deliver

Thank you,

- michael vizdos

Answered 8 years ago

I do promote Clarity, but do not get many new clients from it. As others have said, my new clients come from other sources.

In my experience, the traffic I do get from sites like Clarity tend to not value the advice they get here and/or want the silver bullet and pay little to nothing for it.

Answered 8 years ago

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