I'm looking for a full-stack CRM solution. Any ideas?

I'm looking for one integrated solution that lets me do all the following: 1. Upload leads 2. Mail merge personalised emails to those leads 3. Track them through the pipeline from lead to demo to won 4. Once they're a client, add them to a client list with revenue info, order requirements, etc 5. Let me know when they're ready for another shipment based on last order and typical time between orders 6. Send them an invoice based on the order and track when / if the invoice has been paid 7. Produce reports on revenue, number of products sold, number of clients, etc I'm sure there are individual solutions for all these requirements, but I'd love something that did them all.


Go with Infusionsoft all the way. It can do all of those things and more. If you need a deal on the software, let me know and I'll hook you up. If you'd like a demo, add me on Skype: startdoingbusiness

Answered 6 years ago

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