For example, I currently have 2 different membership plans that customers can select from (e.g. Silver, Platinum). In addition to the product pricing being cheaper for "Platinum" members due to these members paying a monthly fee there are also other services I offer at this level that the "Silver" members don't receive. So my question is, should I just "simplify" the product pricing and make it the same for both membership plans and entice users to join my "Platinum" plan based on the other services I would offer at this level?

I've performed hundreds of pricing page tests in the past. It's hard to tell in advance what will work.

There are a few things I'd recommend to generate ideas for tests:

1. Talk to users who have visited the subscription page and converted. Ask them what made them pull the trigger and what made them almost decide not to subscribe.
2. Talk to users who visited your sub page and did not subscribe. Ask them why not.
3. Study the best pricing pages in your industry and outside it for ideas.

Once you have a queue of ideas, I'd test copy, design, plan features, pricing, term lengths, payment options, incentives (trial, discounts, etc.) to find out the order form that makes the most sense for your users.

Simplicity is a great goal, but there are so many factors at play that testing is critical to understand the business impact of various membership plan designs.

Answered 7 years ago

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