For example, I currently have 2 different membership plans that customers can select from (e.g. Silver, Platinum). In addition to the product pricing being cheaper for "Platinum" members due to these members paying a monthly fee there are also other services I offer at this level that the "Silver" members don't receive. So my question is, should I just "simplify" the product pricing and make it the same for both membership plans and entice users to join my "Platinum" plan based on the other services I would offer at this level?

I'd bounce a question back to you: do you think that "less distracted" users are more likely to subscribe to your SaaS? Your answer to that question will form the basis of your marketing funnel. I have used lower pricepoints for entry-level products that were meant to get people into my funnel (usually in the form of an email address). And then, as I gain trust, I can sell my new customers higher-priced products and services. At the very least, three different subscription tiers/prices can offer something to price-conscious prospects (the cheapest option), something to value-conscious prospects (the middle option), and the "Rolls-Royce" option for prospects who always want to buy the best. Most people will go for the middle option because it seems safe. Offering only one price may simplify things, but you'll also lose the powerful psychology that drives the best marketing funnels. Hope this helps, Austin

Answered 7 years ago

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