I am a naturopathic medical practitioner and own an S-Corp for my personal client work. However, I do some independant contractor work for anotehr company. If they issued me a 1099, can I claim this as part of my S-Corp income? If not, is it possible to set up payment to my S-corporation, as I act on behalf of my S-Corp (ie. protecting my personal liability and avoiding SE tax via 1099)

The income should be reported by the individual or business that provided the service and earned the income. If the 1099 is in your name, you could ask the issuing Company to change to the S-Corp if that is who earned the income. In the future, have a written agreement between your S-Corp and the Company you are providing service. Also, provide them with a Form W9, so they know where to report the 1099 income at year end.

Answered 8 years ago

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