6-10 emails have been sent to them and anywhere between 6-10 calls. 9 word emails, subject line with their name in it, video testimonials sent, informative videos sent, free credit repair offer sent and others. These people are in debt. How do we get them to engage?

We have been down the same road in the past for sure. Time and Time again. E-mail is a terrible strategy phone is always best. A great way to get a response is to text them if you have their mobile numbers. A great site for that is
Also What does your caller ID read ie when you call does it say "so and so debt services" perhaps changing the caller id with your telephone provider to something that does not look like a collection agency would be worth while. Also keep in mind when dealing with e-mail any mention of debt or financial help will often end up in spam or junk folders and never read. When leaving a message on their telephone its always a great idea to point that out to them that you will be e-mailing them and it may end iup in their spam/junk folder.

I hope that was helpful. Do you have a website?
Feel free to call for follow up if requires

Answered 8 years ago

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