How to get more business in IT industry

How to get more business for an IT company?


IT services are a commodity industry. The formula for winning comes down to two things: Differentiation and Relationships.

You can differentiate your IT company by making life easier for those who work with you. For example, consider a monthly fixed price contract regardless of how much (or little) IT consulting/troubleshooting you need to do in any given month. That makes it easy for your clients to budget you in and get the sale. Testimonials - especially from very similar businesses - can be a huge factor. Consider specializing in a specific niche, ie: IT for Law Firms, but choose based on your highest value current clients.

Another opportunity to differentiate comes in when your IT services empower not just operations, but marketing as well. This is a rare but valuable extension of IT seen in the occasional change in corporate hierarchy from the old CIO to the new CDO (Chief Digital Officer). As an outside agency, your expertise can provide a similar boost to the company - not just saving them cost and increasing security and productivity (typical IT services value), but helping them grow through an understanding of the tech that empowers marketing success - and how to integrate that tech while maintaining company security.

Relationships are part two. Here's where it gets tricky - and where IT firms can often rack up huge bills from their sales teams. In commodity industries, relationships close the sale. Your competitors are out there at trade shows, meetups, BNI, seminars, conferences, giving out company swag... you name it. But what they are often missing is the leveraging of their own networks. Who do you know who knows other business owners? How can you tap your network - and extend your network - to find out about 'trigger events'? Trigger events are specific moments when a door is open - for example when a CEO is expressing frustration with their current IT services provider, or when a company expands in size, or when they move to a new location, or hire a new (relevant) leader. In IT services, you'll often interact with heads of finance, IT, or company owners/founders/CEOs - often all three. Be prepared to address the specific pain points of each... and be aware each is very different.

Of course, reaching those individuals is very specific to your target industry, capabilities, company size, experience, existing network. I need to learn more about you to get you on track for more business. You'll see significant results if we deep dive into your specific experiences and goals to build a custom sales system. If you want an action plan for your growth, my company is not taking on new clients but I'm happy to do a mind dump with you to get you launched. If you'd like the help, pick a time at

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Ask a more specific question.

"IT company" can be anything from a custom software programmer to managed services firm.

Who is your target market?

What problems do you solve for them? What services do you provide?

What price level do you operate at?

How have you gotten clients before?

What mistakes have you made in getting and choosing clients?

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Speaking with my 7 years of extensive experience in pure IT sales, I would say that the primary way to get more business would be to sell yourself properly. Being an IT company, if you are unable to market yourself well, your customers are bound to have doubts upon your ability to market them in return.
Secondly, DONOT just focus on adding value to the business. That's so old school in today's age and being. Instead, keep your focus towards practical demonstrations of how your customers could benefit short and long term if they opt for your service. Show them how you're different from your competitors and you will be sure to win more business.
Thridly, get your existing and past customers to review you on your website/blog/social media pages. Trust me, real reviews sound like real and do wonders when it comes to attracting new business your way.
IT service provision is a vast domain. If you're looking for sale advice in your specific niche, please feel free to call me.

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Hi there!

To get more business in IT industry please review if below points answers your questions:

1) Are you selling IT services or product ?
--> If services, then try to penetrate the market by sharing your services to possibly every available living person. (I mean it.)
--> If product, then find out and filter your targets. Your efforts will be more utilized when pitching this to a potential client.

2) We are stupid human-beings and that is why we require a very good support period, extraordinary support and very less turn-around time with extra layer of professionalism.
--> Do that! For you its business, for them its their money.
#Hostgator Team: Listen and tighten up!

3) Keep the price marginal for "Product based IT business" and affordable for "Services based IT business"

Thank you.
-- Bakul

Answered 9 years ago

Thank you for asking this question. Impossible to do this question enough justice: It is a good question.. but there is so much to this game that the answers are discovered in a continuous and consistent daily, weekly, monthly and yearly set of practices.

a. Develop your network: both online and offline. This does not mean just merely develop dyadic (one on one relationships) but triadic (factor of three) or more kinds of relationships e.g. joint ventures, cross promotions, indirect connections between several parties. This involves new skills and a new mindset - necessary to grow and innovate over time.

b. Continue fine tuning your message and branding. In my estimate, branding is never a static (and now you are done) phenomenon. It is consistently upgraded and finetuned. As you sell, fine tune your branding. As you brand, fine tune your selling.

c. The concept of consistency is key: this involves developing the ability to focus. This involves two areas
a. The ability to keep and account for promises
b. The ability to manage your communications promptly and effectively. This has to be practiced realistically: over ambitious (a euphemism for unrealistic) declarations and promises should be treated with capital punishment :-) Reward the realistic attainment of win-nable promises that make sense and win the war.. not merely short term battles. This is key and so basic that most teams fail at it. It is the ah-duh.. not the ah-ha that gets the team and business moving.

* Train everyone in the team to sell - today's soccer teams have players on the team that can play mostly all if not most of the positions on the field. You never know when a critical call comes into the office - if your frontline person has no clue on what questions to ask and how to listen and have a sales conversation, you are leaving money on the table potentially and increasing your risk while avoiding a simple and low cost investment of training.

* Build up the relationship with discipline and accountability - not as a Nazi policeman - but develop the art and science of effective, graceful and straight forward accountability for numbers and promises for sales and marketing projects.

Hope that helps!

Answered 9 years ago

To get more business in IT industry keep the following points in mind:
Get to know your customers: You can gain insight into your customers by personalising your services and encouraging them to provide you with feedback.

Offer great customer service: Ensure your customer service is exceptional and go the extra mile when you can. Your customers will not only remember great service they will also be more likely to refer other people to you.

Nurture existing customers and look for new opportunities: Make sure you find the right balance between nurturing customers and finding new ones. If you own or operate an Aboriginal business you can also promote your business by taking advantage of a free listing on the Aboriginal Business Directory Western Australia .

Use social media: Social media is a powerful tool to promote your business to potential customers and gain valuable insight through ā€˜social listeningā€™. Social media can help you to build your business profile and attract new customers.

Measure what works and refine your approach as you go: You should monitor where your customers are coming from in order to measure whether your marketing activities are successful or not.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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Enhancing business prospects for an IT company requires a nuanced approach. Have you ever thought about delving into IT consulting services? They offer a plethora of benefits, from refining your strategies to enhancing operational efficiency. At, you can explore a range of tailored solutions designed to propel your business forward. It's definitely worth exploring to see how these services can augment your company's success.

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