We are launching a news/media website called "Rewire Daily." We will offer daily articles on success, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, etc. Would it be better to use the WordPress platform for such a site, or should we have a custom site built from scratch?

Hi there,

We're asked about this all the time. While there are a few factors that will come into play, one of the more important ones to consider at this junction is who will be updating the site on an ongoing basis and how much experience do they have doing so?

If you are planning to have the authors submit and post their articles directly, it would most likely make sense to use Wordpress. If your authors happen to know a bit more than the average person about simple html and css coding, then a custom site might be in order.

But, to really get to the heart of the issue, we'd need to talk a little further about your big picture goals and objectives for Rewire Daily, and then see which of these options is going to better support those objectives. If you'd like to chat a bit further we can set up a quick call. Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

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