The type of business you are going to be marketing could determine if an online marketing campaign would be beneficial or not. Some businesses do better with drive by business if they are retail. I doubt very few people go online to find a Wendy's, McDonald's or even a Sonic, but if you have a service business the key element to starting any online marketing campaign is to have a decent website. It can be one page, but have a website. To keep it simple you might start with Google or Bing advertising and set your daily limits to fit your budget. There are many other ways to attract business online by giving a free quote. I started doing this a couple years back and one section of my business double literally overnight. I found that they didn't really want to talk to anyone they just wanted a quote based on their situation. Nailing down the best solution requires getting all the information you can about free websites to advertise as well as paid. Don't discount having multiply websites with different domains. I suggest search friendly domains, versus branding domains. A branding domain is one like Geico. We know they sell insurance, but if you come up with some strange word it's not going to be understood until you reach the masses. Try inserting a key term of your company in a domain and focusing on one product or service. I started out with two websites and now I have around 30 that produces 90% of my business leads. Learning some basic skills to maintain your own website is fairly simple and can be done by the average person if they can do Microsoft Word. It's actually that easy. I've been in business 25 years this coming April. If we can assist you with getting you started don't hesitate to give me a call. We have set up many businesses, hotels and apartment complexes. Good Luck!

Answered 5 years ago

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