How can i get VC to invest in our two startups? One being and the other

We are a team of four great developers and innovators from Uganda with two great awesome applications one which we lunched in 2013 called and the other lunching it in Feb this year. We have been operating at a small scale due to lack of finance but there is funding from any source trust me these innovations will result into successful tech companies.


Unless you are Elon Musk you will hardly find an investor willing to put money into 2 ideas of the same group. As a founder you may think you are highly creative because you have several ideas, but the reality is that to an investor you are ringing one their #1 Alerts. That is you have no focus or clarity and hence your hedging or betting on two things because you are not sure which one would make it. Pick one and then try to raise from investors.

Answered 5 years ago

I agree with Hernan. Since Tutsbench appears to be no more than a landing page and Elitehive appears far too similar to Facebook, unless it has *significant* traction, neither idea has likely much potential in achieving funding.

It looks like you guys are talented. I think you have a far better chance running a web services business charging clients than attracting outside funding. Eventually, you can use your free cash from consulting to fund your own costs of pursuing your own projects.

Answered 5 years ago

Numbers, when you can show investors what you have done on a shoestring then they will be tripping over each other to fund you. If you need help to get those sales or more sales maybe I can help, thanks....Ken Queen

Answered 5 years ago

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