Our product, HOT GIRLS PEARLS, is jewelry designed to keep women cool through hot flashes, for any reason they happen. We are totally redoing our website now, but want to make everything right as well as draw traffic. This is not a software or tech company, so it's difficult to find advice outside of that world.

I a admitting that I don't have adequate experience in this field, But I can draw parlances from other fields which are selling products for a similar target audience.

If you start from the consumer purchasing journey, it starts from idea of having such jewelry and then progresses towards an interest to purchase such an item. This interest phase is the one which involves researching about the product online and based on the recommendations converts to desire finally being an action to buy.
Consumers typically pass through idea phase from online portals which exhibit such items. So you need to place relevant ads on the product search words which are related to item you are selling.
Post idea phase, consumer enters interest phase. Here he will try to read about all the information he/she can get on the item. So it would be good if you can answer few of the FAQs related to the product on your site. This will help your site to get the consumers who might turn your customers to your site.
I will leave the rest of the sections and strategies to adapt in those phases, to a call as I need more information on the product to avoid giving a generic answer.

Answered 7 years ago

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