Im looking for an app platform that lets me deploy the same data into various apps. Think Groupon's primary app and then their Getaways app. Ideas?

I have been gathering data on business in a yellowpages/yelp type style just to get people access. I need a simple way to add new geocodes, business names and other details into a db and then serve to several apps i control.


Hi. Parse should do the job ( ). We've successfully used them at Vuzum across many native and hybrid apps on both iOS and Android.

Answered 8 years ago

I guess the first question is whether the apps already have a database component, or if you are needing to introduce a server call for the first time.
If you have no other factors involved it sounds like a pretty simple database query is all that's needed, in which case pick your favorite stack. I use Apache/PHP/MySQL, and I'm sure plenty of people use Windows/MS-SQL. If you can provide more information, it would help refine the answer.

Answered 7 years ago

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