How to find all NYC angel investors?

I am trying to build a potential investor pipeline through AngelList, CrunchBase, Gust & LinkedIn and the process is very inefficient.


One of my clients received $500k funding ONE week after we did our pitch coaching session. What they learned from our session is to be 100% focused and not to follow the "scatter gun approach" that they had for the 9 previous months.

If you're looking to fund a startup, or even an existing business, there is no chance you will interest all investors. Some investors are only going to be interested in seed funding, other will only be interested in medical, others in mobile technology, etc.

The questions become:

1. Why do you want to find ALL NYC investors?
2. Who do you REALLY want to get investment from?
3. How much investment do you want?

Another client was looking for 50 investors, and after our coaching in 3 weeks he raised 65% of the funds he needed from 2 investors! He said

"After our coaching session, the big change was that I realized that I just needed to approach confidently the bigger investors first."

And then you can start creating a more effective and efficient investors pipeline.

Other questions that spark to mind become:

1. How do you create a dynamic in which angels and investors WANT to meet you... rather you wanting to meet them?
2. What is your strategy for meeting angels / investors, for having conversations with them and for building useful relations with them?
3. How do you present your pitch?
4. What kind of questions do you ask angels / investors?

If you want to dive in further on how you can raise the money you're looking for... or if you're looking to create this list of angel for another reason, get in touch to arrange a call.

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Answered 9 years ago

I would recommend you browse the sites that have already mapped these types of companies by categories.

Some good examples to start with:

Answered 9 years ago

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