What are some creative examples of leveraging other peoples networks (OPN) today?

Please exclude widely published growth hacking methods used by Uber, Airbnb and the likes. Maybe you came up with the growth hacking strategy or have seen it in action on one of the websites you are currently using.


Offer to provide a course or training for the audience of a prospective JV partner.

In my own business I have joined with real estate investors to teach internet marketing concepts to their students and then sold my products and services.

I have also created a free course for a friend who is a motivational speaker to give to his audience. In exchange I did a live interview with him as an introduction to the audience.

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Answered 4 years ago

Sadly, these sorts of things are proprietary (it is "hacking" after all) and until a company isn't reliant on OPNs for growth, no one is really incentivized to talk about it. Even after they've made it, it probably still works for them.

I can say that OPNs are increasingly vigilant about protecting their main asset: their network. Networks purport to be open, but will immediately silo each other when they feel like others are encroaching on their turf—there's a reason Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don't let you OAuth into their websites to sign up, but will happily authenticate you to others.

Further, many things that companies do might be considered plain good marketing and advertising, not "hacks". Playing by the rules isn't newsworthy.

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Answered 4 years ago

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