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Social media remains the best way (even over ads) to reach new customers. The reason why is because of how things spread and how only interested people are going to share links/content. Plus the power of influence. People are far more likely to click through if the link comes from a friend rather than an ad.

So if you aren't leveraging social media; start immediately. Try to get mindshare and followers for your market. Share related information and blog articles. Even if you don't have a blog yourself, don't fear linking someone else's site. Many people think that's bad, but really it's not. If you link only your site then people perceive you as a spammer (moreso, you also don't want to share a link every hour in some automated fashion). So in your case, find articles about iPhones bending and other cell phone/tablet news and info and things to watch for.

Use follow first strategy to get followers (follow people who have similar interests). Build a quality set of followers, don't pay for them. Use hashtags and share quality content. You'll get followers in no time.

Engage with people when you have the opportunity (genuine engagement). You could of course search Twitter for people complaining about broken phones and tweet at them...Or follow them... But whatever you do, try not to spam them.

Content marketing: Do you have a blog? Link your articles too. Related to your business: Maybe write reviews on the most durable equipment. People might like to know that. You're in a position to literally inventory every device that comes through your doors for repair and then put a report together that says, "80% of the phones coming in here are XXXX for screen repair." How powerful is that?! People like numbers, that phrase right there alone (replacing XXX with a device name hehe) plus a link to a blog post on your site. Magic. Maybe throw in a good hashtag too.

You can truly leverage social media to drive traffic and of course man of the visitors won't have a device in need of repair when they hear about you...But you're building a brand. You're acquiring mindshare and becoming an expert/authority.

Social media can also be leveraged for local business too of course. You can filter things by location when searching for people to follow and engage with.

Don't forget Instagram. Take pictures of damaged equipment and explain why it broke. How to avoid breaking things. Take pictures of before and after jobs to show your work off.

I'd totally go for social. There's just so many things you can do.

Answered 7 years ago

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