How do i figure out how to pay for college?

Im a single mom of 2 children. I am 20 years old, and I just got my ged and working full time. Yesterday, i went to sign in for a University, and now im panicking about financial issues.


There are many options. You can apply for federal aid by filing a FAFSA application, you can apply for financial aid from the state in which y

Answered 9 years ago

Every college has financial aid counselors available to help you. So they'd be the people to talk to. Their real job, of course, is to help you pay the college -- usually through loans. So it's up to you to ensure that you're getting value from what you're buying.

Ask your employer (or people you'd like to work for) what degree they'd actually pay you more for having. Be sure to set your sights on whatever will get you a better, more stable, more enjoyable job. In other words, not a degree in Film Studies or Art History. Those just leave you in the same position in which you began ... only saddled with more debt.

Honestly, higher education can be a bit of a racket. In your position, with bills to pay and 2 kids, you need to be sure in advance that whatever training and credentials you're working toward will actually pay for themselves in the form of extra salary and career flexibility later on. What I'm saying basically is that colleges will often steer students toward vanity degrees or fun extra classes, and you should be cautious going in.

There's nothing wrong with a liberal arts education. But you can read books for free to learn those topics. Concentrate on the classes and certificates that will make you more employable.

Maybe online classes would give you more flexibility and cost less; hard to say.

If you do things right, then you can use what you're learning to make you money as you learn it. For example, I've known students to take a homework assignment in web design and use it as an opportunity to do paid freelance work for a local business. In that way, they paid for their classes through what they were learning as they went.

Answered 9 years ago

You should also check out your local CareerWorks or OneStopCareer planning agency. They are funded by state and federal money to provide residents education and training. Search for the Education Opportunity Centers in your area, they can help you complete your FAFSA for FREE and will know which colleges/universities offer Free courses, book vouchers and other resources for students who need extra support. You need to complete your FAFSA each year. Good luck with your education.

Answered 8 years ago

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