What is the difference between your team and a network and how should they be treated differently?


In my companies I define a team as my in house leadership (I refer to them in all group communications as the LT or Leadership Team).

My Personal Network is the collection of contacts and connections that I use to develop my business (Either through mentorship, advice or social/business connections)

Our Company Network is our collective group of contacts and connections shared by the Leadership Team.

Answered 7 years ago

People are all the same: everyone wants to be listened to, everyone wants to feel important, everyone wants to be in control of their own life, everyone wants to feel unique, everyone wants to feel like they belong, everyone wants a level of certainty, etc.

EVERYONE is your team. Your clients are part of your team because they pay you to work together. The government is part of your team because they build roads for your employees to travel to your office more easily.

>> If EVERYONE is on your team, what difference does it make...

>> ... to you?

>> ... to your employees?

>> ... to your customers?

>> ... to your wider network?

>> ... to people who are not yet part of your network?

One of my clients went from being a university student to leading an organization of 600 people in just 4 years. He learned to be an extraordinary leader and people decided to follow him.

If you want to explore in more depth about to become the leader you want to be, if want to learn about how you lead beyond authority and if you want to explore how treating everyone differently will make you a better leader, get in touch!

Answered 9 years ago

Your team is made up of people you pay to work with you.

Your network is made up of people who are looking out for your interests (and you for theirs) even though there is no formal agreement among you.

Some members of your team will become part of your network.

Some members of your network will at times join your team.

You treat them the same. Get to know them. Understand what they want and what motivates them. Help them get what they want by introducing them to people that you know.

If you want to discuss teams and networking in further detail (including how to get better results from your team and better leads from your network), feel free to set up a call.

Answered 9 years ago

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