What would you do? What qualifications would you need to create this type of service?

Would like to provide a service to companies in which I would go through the training process of their new employees and provide feedback to streamline and make the training process more efficient for the company and more enjoyable for the employee


Typically people are going to want to see an example of your work. A success story.

It sounds like you are still entertaining the idea though and most likely don't have a real-world example to showcase. If this is the case, I would suggest trying to start with a close friend or family member who happens to run a business or is in charge of training for a company. You simply need to get your foot in the door. Would it hurt to provide the service for free or at least severely discounted for the first client? You want to do whatever it takes to set the first example, so you can say "hey, look what I did for them." If you can prove that you are a producer, no one will ask for your qualifications, you've already shown them.

Answered 9 years ago

This seems like a very interesting project! I have spent the last few years working with college career centers and employers to help this exact problem. Recruiting by and large has been a huge issue for employers as it is difficult to find the 'perfect' candidate - based solely on a resume, GPA, etc. I would recommend looking at the university market for your business. If you are interested in further discussing your question, I would be happy to share my research with you and discuss your idea further.

Answered 9 years ago

Wow! A unique idea, for a change! At least, I've never run across that one before.

I've been through enough training pipelines in the Navy and in civilian life that I can see some merit in what you're proposing.

Normally a corporation will evaluate its training process from 2 different vantage points:

(1) From on high. That'd be the stoic gentleman with the clipboard standing over the instructor's shoulder. But he mainly just reinforces past standards rather than looking for novel improvements.

(2) From the bottom up. Feedback from students after the fact. But their focus is learning material and courting favor with the boss. That's very different from an independent evaluation of pedagogy from someone with wide comparative experience.

What you're offering is quite different, and it's important to explain your function to people who probably have never imagined it.

The best way to build the business would be to volunteer to tag along for a few of the shorter training cycles, help a few companies for free, and build a portfolio of success stories to point to. They might also refer you to paying clients or hire you in the future.

When it comes to choosing a brand name or explaining what you do with written copy, I can help. I'd enjoy helping this idea take off and pointing to it as a success story.

Answered 9 years ago

Your assessment of the company's training needs is critical to your success. How you do this effectively will be based on your current level of experience and a thorough vetting of current processes. Your qualifications to execute a smooth transition of learning to the audience experience requires a high level of understanding adult learning. There are modules you can use to create an effective plan for execution, but to get the contract, you must demonstrate your deliverable outcomes.

Answered 9 years ago

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