So I have money. I have business ideas. But when it comes time to execute on the elaborate plan I have written, covered all of the bases, etc - I come up with some excuse as to why I shouldn't do it. Perhaps I need a partner, maybe I think it won't work. Maybe it won't be as profitable as first thought. I get cold feet when I go to pull the trigger... How do I get over it and grow some balls?

Everybody's personality is different, and that affects whether a business plan will succeed or not.

In your case, I'd strongly advise seeking a partner outside your immediate circle of family and friends. Simply from hearing your misgivings, I think I can sort of "recognize" you to some extent. Could be wrong.

Still, I think you'd benefit from having a partner who can validate / criticize your ideas and possibly even act as a cheer leader now and again.

Having a partner would, of course, spread your risk and give you an extra set of eyes and ears and hands. But it does more than that. It balances out your careful, meticulous, not 100% confident personality with someone else who may be less prudent, less patient but more aggressive and energetic.

No single person is enough. You can hire other personalities or you can partner with them.

I think you need someone else to give you permission to take risks. That shouldn't be someone like us here on (who don't really know what you're trying to do). And it shouldn't be a family member, who will be prone to flattery. Maybe it should be someone with as much skin in the game as you have.

Answered 7 years ago

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