Looking to tell a story. Have a character that does his/her job one way. Then introduce our product and show how his/her life improves. What is the structure for writing a script / developing a story board for this?

I am a firm believer in hiring professionals to do a professional job. We have worked with dozens of freelance videographers and helped brands achieve some sharp marketing videos.
So some tips:
1) Hire a freelance videographer and writing team. Developing a story board is not easy and there are brilliant writers just waiting for jobs like this.
2) If you are going the DIY route make sure there is a beginning, a middle and an end to your story board.
3) Use humour where possible.
4) Keep the script short and attempt to get your message out in the first 30 seconds.
5)Speak directly to the audience -so know really well who that audience is!
6) Find the right tone depending on your company brand and mission.
7) Tell a solid story. So you want to start by presenting a problem, introducing a solution, then explain how it works, and lastly create a call to action for your target audience.

Hope this helps. I'm here if you'd have further questions.

blue skies,

Hope this helps

Answered 7 years ago

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