We partnered with a ppc company to serve ecommerce store owners with a discounted package offering. How do we reach a large number of them smartly?

We're a graphics design company that target WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Volusion users.


If I were you I try the following (assuming you know which stores you want):

1. Play dumb and call their support number and when they answer tell them that you dont know why you were routed there when you wanted to talk to the marketing department.
2. Create an email blast to either or chances are if it is a small operation the email will be seen by one of the founders/owners and they might take a peek at your offer.
3. Spend a few bucks and buy InMail contacts with Linkedin so you may reach the right person of the company you are targeting.

Or you could spend some big bucks on a tech blog site like techcrunch or get a blogger from a portal like to write a post on your offering

Answered 6 years ago

If you can afford it buy a list of ecommerce companies. If you want to stay lean source your own list. is likely a good place to start.

Also data mine LinkedIn and use Inmails or tools like to contact the marketing leads at ecommerce companies.

I would segment my data mining activities based on your perceived sweet spot. Look at the ecommerce companies by their:
- sector
- revenue
- number of employees
- geographic location
- etc.

Reach out to them via LinkedIn and email with some specifics. Look at their site, current ppc efforts, etc. Give them some free insights.

Good Luck! I'm happy to hop on a Clarity to call to go deeper here.

- mike

Answered 5 years ago

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