Planning on dropping off a cookie platter to a few local business to pass out to the employees and leaving a note that I will be back tomorrow to take orders. Was also going to include a link to a youtube video that introduces the cooking staff and our kitchen so people feel comfortable with the product. Which if any of this idea is good business practice and what should be adjusted.

I would begin with a question: Why did you choose local businesses as the target market for your cookies? The best tactical approaches to marketing and sales will fail if there is no problem to solve.
Have you spoken with some of the employees to find out if they find that they need a snack to power through the day and experience some difficulty in filling that need? What are they doing now to fill that need? Is it difficult, inconvenient unhealthy or costly? Would they rather take a break and walk 5 minutes to buy one or have it delivered.......
Questions like this might help you identify if there really is a problem worth solving. If there isn't, they won't buy your product even if they like it.

Answered 6 years ago

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