I'm looking for an amazing leadgen page and ad manager. Any suggestions?

I'm looking for a great leadpage expert to contract with us. Someone with previous success that can handle the ads, content creation, A/B testing and creation of the leadpages themselves. We've launched a series of research products focused on using our community for creative audits, trend discovery and competitive brand positioning. Check out: We've had a lot of success (repeating business, recommendations) with using our community for consumer research which produces localized actionable insights and looking to build and test several leadgen pages. Really appreciate the help!


You might consider using oDesk ( It is a global marketplace of freelancers with expertise in areas like this.

Answered 8 years ago

Thanks Jeremy - I wouldn't touch Odesk or Elance with a 10 foot barge pole :P

The quality is way too low in general.

Answered 8 years ago

We use leadsquare, call rail, gather content and several other lead generation tools. Designing bounce pages or landing pages is our specialty. We live and breath A/B testing as a true measure of what works. We often start with 20 ads and narrow them down to 5. Its never the ones we all think will kill it. Its usually the ones we think will just do okay that perform the best. We can show you scores of examples and a very good track record of success should you want to engage.

Answered 8 years ago

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