What is a good/average conversion rate % for an e-commerce (marketplace model) for customers who add to cart through to purchase order.


There is quite a bit of information available online about eCommerce conversions rates. According to a ton of sources, average visitor-to-sale conversion rates vary from 1-3%. This does not mean the Furniture conversions will be the same. The bigger problem is that visitor-to-sale conversions are not a good data point to use to measure or tune your eCommerce business.

All business have some unique friction factors that will affect your final conversion rate. It's very important to understand each of these factors and how to overcome them. The best way to measure and optimize is to take a conversion funnel approach. Once you have defined your funnel you can optimize each conversion rate to better the total effect.

For example:
Top of the funnel: - All web site visitors, 100,000 / month
First conversion: View a product page, 50% of all visitors
Second Conversion: Add to Cart, 10% of people who view products
Final Conversion: Complete Checkout, 80% of people who put items in a cart

In this example we see that only 10% of people who actually view products put them in to a cart, but 80% of those people purchase. If you can figure out why visitors are not adding items to their cart and fix the issue to increase the conversion rate, revenue should increase significantly because of the high checkout rate.

You can use free tools like Google Analytics to give you a wealth of information about your site visitor and their behavior or there are some great paid tools as well.

Answered 7 years ago

Google Demac Media and get on their mailing list for monthly reports if you're interested in ecommerce stats for Canada ...great reports that detail all this

Answered 7 years ago

Dan is 100% correct. I don't have any personal experience with eCommerce but a great deal of experience in the steps to better conversion. If I were you I would schedule a call with Dan to get the necessary knowledge, shorten your learning curve, create more revenues and more profits a whole lot sooner... Just saying.

Answered 7 years ago

Dan is 100% correct. Conversion always depends on Many factors. I have seen few sites or few categories where the conversion is even less than 1%. Building brand and trust is also important. As you build trust, your conversion increases. If you have similar products and services that your competitors sell then pricing plays a major role, else you need to have differentiation and define your target customers.

Also I would advice you to Focus on the following

1. Enhance the speed of site and make the design as simple and standard as possible
2. Mobile Layout and APP
3. Always help and engage your customers by giving lot of inputs from various mediums and drive traffic to your website from that. This helps you attain very good conversion (better than paid click ads of google and facebook)
4. Give good customer service
5. Devise a strategy to make customers buy from you again and again
6. Never follow one method. Try experimenting different ways to find out which works for you

Hope this information helps

Answered 6 years ago

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