I have a marketing blog that has been collecting dust for a few years. The blog has great SEO value and has been mentioned on alot of big sites over the years. I turned my focus away from it to grow another business, letting it go cold. Over the years it grew to about 4k monthly unique visitors with a 1k email list. It's been occupying mind - should I relaunch and commit to it or focus the energy elsewhere?

This is a question for Neil Patel! (cue Superman theme)

Since I'm not Neil--though I interviewed him--I'll give my Regular Joe Online Marketer opinion.

I think you should re-launch it. Two big reasons:

1) Branding is the name of the game, and your old blog has it.

2) Nobody cares that you've "been away" long as you're back with an acceptable reason and great content.

Heck, make the comeback part of your Mission, and announce it loud and often that your purpose is to Rekindle the Flame of Marketing Knowledge, and this blog is the very best way you can think of to do it!

You don't have to fight to get's already drawing traffic. As an asset, the blog is already functioning. You've been away on other projects, you're back now because of Reason X, and let's get reinvigorated about marketing!

Think about (ahem) "real" real estate. An area's hot, new development, lots of interest. Construction, buying, selling. Then it matures and the market moves on, and nobody cares. The area may even go into decline. Then some enterprising developer comes along and turns the whole old thing into lofts and presto! What's old is new again and everyone loves it and the area's back in the spotlight.

Have a great "return to mission" reason, and maximize that branding. You know people love great content. All they need is that reason to come back.

Answered 6 years ago

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