Catherine is right about Strength Finder 2.0. Check it out!

Here's what I do with my teams. Once a year, we go on an off-site retreat that involves something like Strength Finder 2.0. I bring in an external facilitator to lead the process, which starts with taking the assessment, then sharing the outcomes with each other in a group. The facilitator leads some exercises that help the team practice communication, listening, motivation, etc.

Now, here's what I think makes this worthwhile. We print the outcomes of the assessments and post them in a public place in the office. In our case, on each team member's desk or door. Every time team members interact with each other, they see a reminder of what motivates (or de-motivates) the person with whom they're working. It's important to factor the Strength Finder results in each team member's annual and quarterly goal-setting and assessment sessions. I even prefer to do part of that goal-setting and assessment in the team setting, where we try to focus on how to leverage the strengths of each member to lift the team as a whole.

I hope this helps. I'll be happy to share more to your specific situation if you want to set up a call. Onward and Upward!

Answered 8 years ago

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