We have a lot of chiropractors who dont know anything about social media, websites, google and getting new patients via online marketing. Looking for a good way to get them new leads without using coupons. Thinking Facebook ads to a sponsored post to a landing page of success stories, but thinking there is a better way that we can replicate.

You want leads who volunteer to be leads. They expect you to pursue them (and actually want it).

1. Define your audience in detail. How do most clients come to the practice in the first place? Who would be most likely to check it out? For example: Where is the office and who is passing by on a regular basis? Are they mothers? Office workers? Senior citizens? Shift workers?

2. Do some market research (and let this be a lead generation exercise in the process). How can you find out more about your target market? This is where answering #1 in detail helps. For example: Is your office near an athletic club or an area where a lot of active people live? Team up with the club or local meet-up groups to find out more about back concerns or problems their members can identify. Find out more about how they make decisions to choose professional help.

3. Go to the people and take your service with you. Once you know your audience, what they need, where they gather, and why they buy (#1 and #2), find a way to give them something valuable. For example: Is your office near a lot of office buildings? Did you know that recent research shows that American workers are suffering from back pain due to poor office seating? Get to know the building or office managers and offer to do a free "office seat assessment" and adjustment for employees or tenants. Do on-the-spot analyses WHERE PEOPLE WORK. Then take down their email address and promise to send an offer for X percent off a new office chair at a local office supply store and a discount first appointment. Promise that the first email will give them options to sign up for a regular email or opt out. Most important, they can schedule their free (or discounted) first appointment online (CONVENIENCE).

4. Make good on all your promises. Make sure the visit is so stellar that new patients will rave about it to their friends (be sure to send a follow-up survey). Word of mouth is the best advertising and sharing on social media should be natural and not forced. Make sure your social media are always available on every communication. Those who are thrilled will use it.

5. Finally, ask your delighted new patients to refer friends in exchange for discount/free service. This is not a loss of revenue; it's your marketing budget at work.

The leads you generate from this approach will be high-quality, motivated, qualified, and will take you much further than the "shotgun" approach.

I'd be happy to schedule a call to answer your follow-up questions. Happy prospecting!

Answered 7 years ago

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