Besides a 2x2 matrix and a table, what are other ways to depict the competitive landscape in a slidedeck?


Venn diagram. Each competitor gets a circle, so that you can show your overlap with competitors and also show your competitive advantage/key differentiators.

Answered 5 years ago

There is plenty of ways to do it. I will mention just some of them:
1. 3 circle model (with common parts) - where every circle repesents different feature. You put the respective competitors in the right place
2. Traditional column chart. You put 3 different charts on the same chart. Every chart is a different feature or KPI; every competitor has 1 column
3. Canva model - you put the cava model of every competitor
4. Snake chart. in rows you have different feasstures and in stead of column you have scale. Every competitor is a different snake graph.
Hope it was helpful

Answered 5 years ago

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