I have an online platform designed for use by baby booms & senior citizens. However since (I think?) they don't typically spend as much time online as the younger generations, then how or where can I go to effectively market to this audience online? Offline marketing suggestions are less relevant at this time, but always valued/appreciated!

Your target audience is definitely a challenging one to connect with online but it's far from impossible. The first thing you'll want to do is study your audience and truly get a better understanding of where they are spending time online. While they may not be spending as much time online as younger audiences, they've embraced technology and are most certainly consuming content from their social channels and on their favourite websites.

One strategy that would likely make the most sense for this audience is built on the idea of creating and distributing quality content that links to their motivations, challenges and wants. To do this, I would consider what topics are the most relevant to this audience and gather this insight by spending time on the channels they use. Similar to the way Entrepreneurs spend time reading answers on Clarity, these people likely spend time on another website. What is it? What do they talk about? Go there and find out the hot topics. If there's a connection between those topics and your product, you've found a great story that can be leveraged and shared to drive awareness and potential leads to your product.

Identifying these stories and possible messages will then arm you with the ability to craft content that can drive earned media. For example, let's say you crafted an Infographic titled: "How Savvy Baby Boomers Are Navigating The Web" -- You then take this content and share it with a few journalists at outlets that your audience would read and see if they would be interested in posting it. If the content is good, they'll likely consider it and allow you to be placed in front of a highly relevant and targeted audience.

This is just one of the many tactics that could work. If you'd like to discuss ideas in more detail - Line up a call to chat!

Answered 6 years ago

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