Our site scaled up to a traction of 200,000 in Alexa, but dropped due to lack of funding. What can be done with our site now?

The site is The cost to operate the site is low and we still do get some 30 signups a day. The loyal users are still active. What else should/could such an ambitious ghost ship do apart from drowning?


I respectfully disagree with Lane. I don't think that his suggestions are going to to yield results for this site. A 200,000 rank on Alexa isn't actually traction. Sign-ups by themselves aren't worth much until you get to the high tens of thousands, and even that number isn't worth much in a sale.

If you have over 10,000 monthly active users, you *might* be able to sell it to a similarly positioned business for a small amount of cash, and at this point, I'd suggest that if you have that kind of user activity or better, you focus all your energies on selling. Happy to talk to you about how to research and identity potential acquirers but I wouldn't invest *any* more money/resources in trying to grow it.

Happy to talk in a call if you've got minimum viable traction to sell.

Answered 10 years ago

Start a newsletter and find sponsors to pay for it. Use the funding to help the site grow. Then partner with a company like to sell advertisements on your website for additional funding. Social networks need a monetization model if they are going to grow.

If you want to sell the business instead of trying to grow it let me know. I'm a business broker and if your user base is large enough it might attract a buyer.

Answered 10 years ago

For starters measuring your sites traction via alexa is just bad. Your data is being extrapolated by a "n" factor which really means you could be the #1 site in a category and in reality be the #1000. Better use something like if your idea is to understand your relative position to your competition. That being said, your traction is relevant only when it shows a projection of "predictable" growth and depending on what your business model is will that traction be relevant or not

Answered 10 years ago

I agree that judging a site by Alexa is not a good metric. If you feel it's important a good below board trick is to advertise on it's self-serve network. This way you know everyone who clicks has the tool downloaded.

Answered 10 years ago

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