Where can I find a list of reputable Silicon Valley serial founders, who are accepting advisory board membership for startups based in Southeast Asia?

And what are the usual terms for these? e.g., How much shares do they ask? Cliff Vesting, time commitment (is it once a month conference call, or quarterly?), etc..


There is no such list and that's not the way you'd make a connection with a great advisor anyway.

First, your best advisor won't care that your company is based in Southeast Asia. Focus on identifying people who have significant expertise and credibility in your business area.

Make your own list based on relevant experience and as a second filter, experience in building traction internationally.

Then, start reaching out to them with very personalized appeals, relating what you do to their experience and why you think they might be interested in meeting you.

As you get interest, you're next looking for personal chemistry. Do you build off of each other in your exchanges and do you feel inspired by and supported by this person?

Once you go through this process as above, feel free to message me as I have a template I have shared with other clarity members that has standard equity offers against various levels of commitment for advisors.

If in the meanwhile, you'd like to discuss the process of finding advisors in more detail, happy to do so in a call.

Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

It is possible. But you need a certain prerequisite to enter. And the the check list isn't easy.

Answered 4 years ago

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