What are ways to start / launch a coaching program targeted to healthcare professionals (helping them grow their practice)?

I'm just looking for some advice as to the best way to start a coaching program for medical professionals. Do I start blogging, offer free webinars, advice and then try to upsell to the program or just start with the program as the up front offering and see if it sells before I invest time into blogging etc?


Assuming you are qualified to create this kind of offering, I think you can safely determine that there is need for this service. I know many doctors who struggle with the business of their practice and could benefit from coaching.

That being said, if you believe this is an area you want to devote years of your life to, I would consider the infrastructure that will be required to support your success.

Over time, you're going to want to build out the following (or a version thereof):

Creating your brand identity
Building your website
Developing your funnel to generate leads
Developing your pricing model
Inbound marketing strategy and execution
Social media strategy and execution
Sales strategy
Long-form content creation for email capture
Short-form content creation for traffic generation
SEO for organic traffic
Advertising for paid traffic
Presentation planning and coaching
Possibly a book

I would recommend thinking about as much of this ahead of time as possible to give yourself the greatest chance for success.

Answered 10 years ago

Such good answers from everyone! As a ex-doctor myself I would say that you have to really understand what they need and what they are suffering from. And then have a solution that is appropriate for them.
Then you have to know how to reach them. Do you think a doctor is going to listen to a webinar or read your blog? Not likely in my mind. However if you sponsored a dinner at your local medical county or hospital meeting and gave a live talk - that's a different story.
Growing a practice is a business like any other - yet you have to know HOW to build a practice to be able to help others. Do you? There are issues that are specific to the profession - things that you can and cannot do.
If not I would start with learning what makes the most successful practices successful! Knowing the top 10 strategies that great practices employ would be awesome and building a program around those aspects would be great.
I moved partway through my career to open a practice from scratch right next door to a guy who was going bankrupt and around the corner from one of the biggest practices in town. In 6 years I was able to sell my practice to finance my dreams. I used a combination of tactics that were a bit out of the box and it paid off. If you are creative and have good ideas that will be a help.
One thing about doctors - if you don't know what you are doing they will smell you out. So I would make sure you know your stuff before approaching anyone. :)
If I can help let me know.
Good luck! Sheri

Answered 10 years ago

in my opinion the quickest way to see if your offering/service/product is worth investing time, money and energy is the strategy below :

1. define your WHY, WHAT, WHO of your business
2. Define Problem – Solution – Benefit Statement: aka your Elevator Pitch or CORE Message ( I help
(who – your target audience)____________accomplish/do (what–problem)________ so they can _____ (benefit/results)

3. then discover you niche

Describe Your Ideal Client
 How will you serve them
 What will your client gain
 Who Are Your Market Leaders / Potential Partners
 Define Your Core Message
 Define your Business Vision Statement
 Define your Business Mission Statement

4. Create a structured plan to maximizing your profits online ( Day 10-15 )

Understand the entire process and strategize the steps along the way
create framework of your business
how will you serve your ideal customers?
attract and grow audience with engaging content and messaging
promote your message to the world and sell your heart out
how can you serve more and stay true to your vision?

5. Market Test / First Offer Planning ( Day 15 - 25 )
 Isolate your ideal client (Who you will serve?)
 Isolate the Pain, Problem (Where they are at)
 Identify their dream goals (Where you will move them to)
 Identify the Solution (How will you serve them? What do they get?)
 Create your Product “Core Message”
 Verify demand (Research Google, Amazon, Clickbank, Forums / Groups)
 Decide your Product Delivery Strategy (choose 1 from each list)
live webinars/ teseminar series
verify demand ( google, amazon, webinar series etc )
Decide your Marketing Strategy
sell a paid webinar(s)
free webinar as sales strategy
sales funnel ( optin offer, to sales strategy )
Outline the Product Content
 Strategize Potential Upsell Plan (coaching, services, info product etc.)

6. A. Product Creation Foundation ( Day 25-30 )

 Choose Email Database Software
 Choose Webpage Creation Software
 Choose Product Delivery / Shopping Cart Software
 Choose Webinar Software

6a. paid webinar formula ( day 30-50 )

 Outline the product (webinar) content
 Create the Paid Webinar Registration Page
 Create the Order Form page
 Payment Integration
 Create the Product Delivery

6b. free webinar formula ( day 30-50 )

Create the Free Webinar Outline
 Create the Webinar Registration Page
 Create the Webinar Thank You Page
 Write the pre-webinar emails
 Write the post-webinar emails
 Create the Sales Page (optional)
 Create the Order Page
 Payment Integration
 Create the optional upsell page(s)
 Product Delivery
create the secure delivery website
 Post Delivery (optional)
create evergreen product

6c. sales funnel formula ( day 30-50 )

Strategize the Sales Funnel outline
 Create the Opt In Page
 Create the Thank You Page
 Create the Delivery Page
 Create the Sales Page
 Create the Order Page
 Payment Integration
 Create the optional Upsell Page
 Create the secure product delivery website

7. marketing ( day 50-60 )

Strategize marketing plan tutorial
 Leverage existing network strategy
 Choose primary marketing method
 Create promotional marketing material / ads / copy
 Set up Facebook Ads
 Execute email marketing campaign

This is process that i have been developed for some of my talented clients with success.

i think you can get some value from it.

If you would like me to help you implement this plan going forward, don't hesitate to contact me.

Good Luck!!

Answered 10 years ago

Honestly, the best person to tell you where to start is your customer . . . the healthcare professional. So you actually need to start with Customer Development.
As Steve Blank says: "Get out of the building and talk to customers."
You need to actually get in touch with some of these professionals and ask them what their biggest problems are. Don't mention blogging or webinars - these are merely vehicles. And worse, if you ask if your customer will read the blog or attend the webinar, they'll always say yes, but likely won't follow through. UNLESS, it's solving their biggest problem.

Get to know your customers intimately and you'll know not only what you should start advising about but also the best method to deliver it.

Answered 10 years ago

As a biomedical engineer designing medical technologies, I have worked with many healthcare professionals. Their time is very precious and the healthcare field, in general, is very conservative and resistant to change. However, if you can clearly and succinctly show that you can help the healthcare professional deliver care to their patients more effectively and more efficiently, then they will likely listen and show interest.

Answered 10 years ago

As a former registered nurse and now a business and executive coach, I believe the best way to get started is to meet with the medical professionals in person. They are very busy focused on their profession and i bet most times there is not much time spent on looking at running their practice as a business. When you say medical professionals, who do you mean? Are you talking about professionals in the hospital setting, those in private practice, etc. This is a huge target market with various needs. I think personal contact and getting really clear on which medical professional you want to work with and what the benefits are for them. I suspect education about the benefits of coaching will be key. Want to talk further about this? Give me a call.

Answered 10 years ago

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