How can I make a restaurant/café interested in modern point-of-sales system with timesavers + predictions + analytics? Is it too high end?


As a restaurant owner myself, i feel that if you can show me how you can save money, improve productivity , improve marketing and also able to finance the Pos then I am interested. Since this is a large investment , restaurant owners are usually not looking to upgrade unless their system is out of date. Not sure what you mean by Is it too high end?

Answered 11 years ago

I think a big part is how you present the system. Besides the benefits of saving money and being more productive, I would really try to hit their deeper feelings. As someone who used to own a coffee shop, I would have loved if someone came in and educated me on the stuff I didn't know. How their system could reduce stress and make things more organized so I could spend less time doing the stuff I hated and spend more time with my family. Know what I mean? It really comes down to getting into your prospects shoes and finding out what they are really wanting. If you can make them feel like you understand them, they will be interested in what you have to say.

Answered 11 years ago

Successful case studies that address the pain points of businesses are always a solid approach. If you don't have a case study then you should consider testing your concept prior to developing it. Since restaurants run on relatively thin margins consider a subscription model or monthly payments to make the invest affordable. Good luck!

Answered 11 years ago

First off, I don't believe you can MAKE anyone be interested in your products and services until you first invest a little time and show that you're interested in THEM.

If you have existing customers using your POS, then start there - get 20-30 (or more) testimonials about your POS. "Ever since we switched to Company X's POS, we've had terrific and measurable results. The system is so simple to use that it saves us a massive amount of training time - anyone can use it. The reporting features are amazing, allowing us to simply and quick view and compare our transactions so that we can... [insert your favourite eye opening comparisons & benefit statements here]. Bottom line, it's simple to use, user friendly, happier staff and greater profits.

Go get those testimonials, package them together with contact names, business name, and contact numbers and then approach your market... "We work with restaurant and cafe owners want a better way to track revenues, get more time, and more profit so that they can focus on what they do best - create amazing meals and wow their clients... Let me introduce you to 30 or your industry colleagues and show you how we did just that...

90% on consumers trust consumer endorsements more than any other media out there... so leverage it.

PS: I don't charge extra for typo's, they're just my gift to you ;-)

Answered 11 years ago

Ask yourself what would your restaurant cafe owner want? How do your tools solve a problem they have? If you package your resources so they solve a problem, ie lead generation, forecasting, just in time printing (cost saving) then you might start to get their attention.

Answered 11 years ago

Definitely need some case studies and testimonials from other happy customers. With Ipads and square software a lot of restaurants or retail stores don't use traditional POS systems anymore so you have to differentiate yourself from them.

Focus on how using the predictions and analytics can help your prospects save time and money

Answered 11 years ago

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