What is the best project management tool for a startup developing and scaling a mobile application?

I'm expanding my startup and need help with easier project management. There seems to be endless options for project management. I am looking for something modern like base camp but more of a scrum methodology.


I tried Basecamp, Jira, Unfuddle, Trello and PivotalTracker before for different projects which were developed with agile approach. All of them worked fine to me and I needed some time to setup my framework and processes there.

I think it would be worth checking Trello or PivotalTracker which I personally like more than Basecamp because of better agile oriented structure.

Answered 10 years ago

I'll keep this short and simple. JIRA Agile. $10 for 10 users, ping me and I'll give you a code for a free year. Its the market leader, has added some great features in the last few years, scales for enterprises, but modern and flexible enough (sometimes too much) for small teams

Answered 10 years ago

What is the product that you are developing? What does it do?
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Pivotal Tracker, no question.

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If your teams juggle deadlines, resources, and deliverables, you need a dedicated project management tool. Zoho Projects may set the standard for cloud project management services. An intuitive but feature-rich interface and a competitive price make it both easy to use and easy to get, which is why it is a leader both in project management and time tracking. Liquid Planner is an impressive online tool for managing projects, tasks, workers, and their time. Though expensive, it is one of the best project management apps on the market. With an extensive set of features and intuitive interface, Teamwork is one of the best services for managing projects. For medium or large organizations, project management app Celoxis offers plenty of helpful tools for tracking projects, time spent on task, and financial resources. GanttPro is an excellent project management tool for small teams that just need the basics, such as Gantt charts. It lacks the reports, timers, customizable dashboards, and other tools found in more mature services, however. Project management app ProofHub aims for simplicity without skimping on core features. Redmine is a free open-source project management app focused on issue- and bug-tracking challenges. It is a great tool if you have someone on hand who can install and maintain it. Smartsheet starts with spreadsheets and gets you to project management in a unique and powerful hybrid tool. Highly intuitive for beginners, TeamGantt is an excellent project management app for small businesses. It could use improved communication tools, however. Wrike really sets itself apart when it comes to ease of use and setup. If you need a solid solution that your team can pick up quickly, this one is well worth checking out.
Teams that must handle multiple projects can't simply rely on human memory to keep them all organized. Furthermore, trying to keep everything together via email is a recipe for productivity disaster. To deliver projects on time and within budget, teams must write down information, plot deadlines, and share documents. Individual members need to be in constant communication with one another. When your team needs to get serious about managing projects, the solution is to use project management software.
Project management services are online systems for working and collaborating on projects. These real-time workspaces let team members and outside partners keep an eye on every detail that brings a project to fruition. They typically provide an overview of all the projects in the pipeline, as well as the nitty-gritty details about the daily work being done to move the projects forward. Some contain tools for managing resources as well, whether those resources are workers, materials, or money. The absolute best project management apps help teams handle common problems, such as slipped deadlines, by automatically rescheduling tasks that are affected by them. Many projects are managed by a dedicated project manager, and that is true even with software equivalent. While a project manager might still be the person overseeing the project and helping to redirect resources as needed, she or he is not the only person touching the project management app.
All kinds of people involved with the project use the app to update their progress on assigned tasks. They check into the project management app to, for example, see their designated tasks and to enter how much time they spent on an assignment. Employees, contractors, and sometimes even clients can use the project management app to share documents, sign off on plans, and so forth.
In a best-case scenario, every milestone, task, and subtask is assigned to a specific person and given a deadline. Typically, other team members can see who is responsible for what, whether that person is on track to complete it on time, and if there are any unanswered questions about the job. That level of insight is important because it alerts people who are further down the planned chain of events of possible delays before they occur. A few project management software systems have free versions, but they are generally quite limited. The primary limitation is the number of projects you can manage , although sometimes a service might restrict the amount of storage space you get or prevent you from using certain features.
Almost all project management apps have, at a minimum, a two-week free trial. When a free trial has a time limit on it, we do not count it as having a free tier of service. To us, free means you get to use it forever with no charge, even if there are some tight restrictions. Although it may sound similar in concept, collaboration software is a little different from true project management software. While you do collaborate in a project management app, project management software is something much more specific.
Collaboration software comprises many kinds of apps and services that handle everything from video conference calls to letting two people type on a document at the same time. Modern project management services often include native communication and collaboration tools. They may also let you connect to the collaboration apps that your team already uses, such as Slack or Google Docs.
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